Bird Black

Bird Black is the brainchild of Canadian-born, Australian-based artist and illustrator, Jacqueline Schlender. A self-taught creative from an early age, the artist originally embraced drawing to stave off boredom in an uneventful North American suburb outside of Toronto, Ontario.

Jacqueline’s early discovery of comic books has proven an influence in defining the foundations of the young artist’s life. A self confessed pop culture nerd and creative junkie, Jacqueline also performs and records with an indie folk rock band and executes off-beat graphic design pieces just for fun.

Artistic influences are broad-ranging from classical, nature, mythology, Americana, ancient history and literature – always playing on the juxtaposition between darkness and light, creation and death. The moniker, or brand Bird Black, is derived literally from reversing the words Black Bird as a homage to her idol from the animal kingdom with who she feels a special bond, the Raven.